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Amazon Eero Mesh Network

Amazon Eero mesh routers

Eero mesh routers connect with each other to intelligently distribute wireless signals over thousands of square feet for optimal speed and performance. Each router covers approximately 1,500 square feet.

Sure, you can try to cover your entire house with just one wireless router, but why would you? Mesh networking technology distributes the signal over multiple devices and delivers increased speeds, better reliability and redundancy. Amazon’s Eero line is the pioneer in the market, and they’re offering doorbuster deals on their products right now.

Why you should get an Eero mesh router system

Anybody with a wireless Internet connection (which is basically everybody reading this) has experienced the frustration of signals starting to fade when you bring a laptop, tablet or smart speaker too far away from your main router. Signal degrades the farther it travels, and walls or other obstacles in the way can greatly decrease the amount of data that makes it through. Sure, you can get a standalone wireless extender, but those are finicky and require you to disconnect from the main router and reconnect to the extender every time you move a device. The solution is mesh networking.

Unlike wireless extenders, eero mesh routers act like one single Wi-Fi device distributed across multiple locations. Connect to one and you’re connected to them all. Think of it kind of like using peer-to-peer file sharing, where if one machine is struggling the others will hop in to help out. Intelligently positioning them around your home will enable them to deliver extremely fast Internet to just about every location, and if you need to expand your network it’s as simple as buying another eero node and adding it in.

Not sold? We reviewed the Eero Pro 6E mesh network, and said it was a “really good, reliable and fast system that will blanket your house with wireless connectivity that’s good for all manner of products, whether you’re using your smartphone, controlling your smart home products or downloading games or playing online on your console.” The current sale includes the Pro 6E, as well as earlier iterations like the 6 and the 6+. Bundle deals are available, so you can customize the network to your home size and needs.

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