Save $900 on Samsung’s massive 49-inch Odyssey Neo gaming monitor

This revolutionary curved screen will immerse you in gaming goodness like never before.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

$1300 $2200 Save $900

This incredible display is crisp, powerful and immersive. It runs off of a Quantum Mini LED display that enables high contrast, deep blacks, bright colors and smooth motion. It’s perfect for gamers with a 240hz refresh rate, 1ms response times and G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro support.

Curved screens are all the hotness in the monitor world these days, and if you’ve used one you know why. Having a screen that wraps into your peripheral vision just makes everything feel more natural and real, in addition to reducing the eyestrain that flat panels can cause. Samsung’s QLED curved monitors are some of the absolute best on the market, and as part of their fall event they have a massive discount on the 49-inch Neo G9.

Why The Samsung Neo G9 Curved Gaming Monitor Is Awesome

We had the chance to review the 57-inch version of this monitor and were absolutely thrilled by it, calling it “an object of pure luxury, designed to dominate your vision while providing an unmatched experience of immersion while gaming and working.” That’s high praise for a monitor, but Samsung’s panels absolutely earn it.

Boasting an insanely fast 240hz refresh rate, this monitor will keep up with any graphics card on the market, and also works great with next-generation consoles. It also works with framerate sync software like G-Sync and FreeSync, which tie the screen’s display exactly to the framerate coming out of your computer for precision gaming. A 1ms response time just seals the deal. This is a combination of display quality and responsiveness that you’re not going to get anywhere else, especially for a staggering $900 off.

It’s simple to set up and extremely versatile. Multiple input ports allow you to use it as a dual-screen display, pushing twin 5120×1440 QHDs at once. You can also enable picture-in-picture and place windows anywhere with Samsung’s Easy Setting Box SW. The stand is minimal and lets you adjust swivel, tilt and height to suit your viewing angle. There’s literally nothing this monitor doesn’t do, except last long at this unbelievable price.

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