Mango Banana Spinach Smoothie – Barefeet in the Kitchen

As tasty as it is nutritious, this Mango Banana Spinach Smoothie highlights the tropical sweetness of mango and the creaminess of bananas.

green smoothie with mango, banana, and spinach

Mango Spinach Smoothie

I was skeptical the first time I tried spinach in a smoothie. All it takes is a wheatgrass shot at Jamba Juice, and you’d be suspicious of blended greens, too. But, spinach is one of the most frequently used ingredients in our smoothies, now.

It might seem like an unlikely partner in this dance of flavors, but when blended it becomes a wonderful, earthy undertone. It adds complexity and depth to the fruit flavors in a mango spinach smoothie.

mango, bananas, and baby spinach in blender

Mango Banana Spinach Smoothie

I have always struggled to get my kids to eat their leafy greens. And, if I’m honest, I came pretty late to the salad game as an adult. Smoothies became a surefire way to get them to eat an entire serving of greens in one sitting when they were little.

This spinach mango smoothie is a dream for getting ahead in the vegetable game. If you’re struggling to meet your fiber goals or to get enough spinach or kale into your diet, I strongly recommend it.

water being poured into a blender

Spinach Mango Smoothie

You’ll need the following ingredients to make this recipe:

  • baby spinach
  • frozen mango chunks
  • frozen banana
  • water
green smoothie in blender on wooden table

Add the spinach, mango, banana, and water to the pitcher of your blender (this blender is my all-time favorite). Then, puree the contents until everything is completely smooth.

I like to slice my bananas into 1″ pieces before freezing them in zip-close baggies for smoothies. This isn’t required, but it does make the process of blending them a little less chaotic.

spinach smoothie with mango and bananas

Mango Smoothie Recipes

Looking for more mango smoothie recipes? You’ve come to the right place.

This was a delicious smoothie and definitely a great one to try if you have lots of fruit already in the house! I really enjoyed this fruity combination crafted by my oldest son.

A pineapple mango smoothie is a refreshingly delicious and naturally sweet kid-approved green vegetable and fruit smoothie.

Mango pineapple ice cream is one of the most refreshing ice creams I’ve ever made. It still boggles my mind that so much fresh flavor is possible from a couple cans of fruit, a splash of cream, and a squeeze of lime.

Oh my goodness, this Thai coconut mango rice is amazing with sweet, creamy spoonfuls of sticky rice and chunks of soft mango. We served it for dessert, but I’m telling you that the leftovers reheated for breakfast were even better.

Mango lemon bars with toasted coconut are similar to traditional lemon bars, but with an irresistible tropical flair. They start with a shortbread crust, feature a smooth mango lemon filling, and are topped with toasted coconut.

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Servings: 3 10 oz smoothies

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  • Combine the spinach, mango, banana, and water in the blender. Puree until smooth.

Calories: 88kcal · Carbohydrates: 22g · Protein: 2g · Fat: 1g · Saturated Fat: 0.1g · Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.1g · Monounsaturated Fat: 0.1g · Sodium: 13mg · Potassium: 363mg · Fiber: 3g · Sugar: 16g · Vitamin A: 2324IU · Vitamin C: 38mg · Calcium: 26mg · Iron: 1mg

originally published 5/20/11 – recipe notes and photos updated 9/27/23

Mango Spinach Smoothie in blender

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