I used these 4 products to build my dream home office, and they’re all on sale for Black Friday

Black Friday is a great time to get things for other people as gifts. However, it’s also a pretty great time to get things for yourself. After all, to love others, one must first learn to love oneself. I did that this year by revamping my home office. While I could use a few more decorations, my new setup is more spacious, more comfortable, and it glows whatever color I want to match my mood.

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So, for this post, I’ll outline a few of the items I purchased in order to make the whole setup work. All of them are on sale for Black Friday as of this writing, so if you see anything you like, you can check it out as well to deck out your office in time for the holidays or gift to a remote work friend.

4 excellent home office products on sale right now for Black Friday

Eureka Ergonomics / Pocket-lint

Eureka Ergonomics Aero 72 Gaming Desk

$350 $400 Save $50

The centerpiece of my home office setup is the Eureka Ergonomics Aero 72 that I got on sale for $50 off. The package comes with the desk, two shelves, LED lighting, a cupholder, a headphone holder, a keyboard tray, and a whole desk mouse pad. The LED lights are admittedly mediocre, but the 72-inch winged design means everything is within arm’s reach and there’s enough space for two PC setups here.

Eureka Ergonomic PC tower cart

Eureka Ergonomic / Pocket-lint

Eureka Ergonomic Height Adjustable Computer Tower Stand

$96 $150 Save $54

The one downside to my desk is that it didn’t have a good spot for my PC tower, so I purchased this cart to handle it. I never would’ve purchased this for its full retail price, but on sale, it’s not a terrible deal. It can support nearly 100 lbs. of weight on the bottom and 66 lbs of weight on top, which is more than most competitors. Plus, it can handle most full tower PC cases. I put my PC on the bottom shelf and used the top for my lighting remotes and power strip and overall, I’m happy with it.

Govee Lyra Floor Lamp

Govee / Pocket-lint

Govee Lyra Smart Corner Floor Lamp

$96 $150 Save $54

Originally, I was going to put my desk in the corner and light the back of my monitor. However, the desk was too far away from the corner for that, so I bought the Govee Lyra Floor Lamp. This diffuses colored light into the corner beautifully with a range of scenes and animations to keep things interesting. At 1,500 lumens, it’s bright enough for mood lighting and it’s controllable with an app or a remote.

Edifier MR4 speakers

Edifier / Pocket-lint

Edifier MR4 Powered Studio Monitor Speakers

$110 $130 Save $20

Any audiophile can vouch that you remember the first time you listened to a quality audio product over budget alternatives. So, when I say that compared to the $40, seven-year old Logitech speakers I had, these Edifier MR4 speakers are on another planet in terms of punchy bass and surrounding quality. They’re built for desktop use, have a headphone jack in the front, and some tuning knobs in the back to dial in your sound. There are plenty of great speakers in this price range.

What are some other products I can look at for my home office?

There are so many things on sale right now that you could close your eyes, throw a dart, and hit something on sale right now. For example, Pocket-lint’s commerce editor, Christina Darby, even took the sale as a chance to purchase the ErGear standing desk to revamp her home workspacr at a 28% discount. For lighting, essentially everything Govee sells is inexpensive and on massive sales right now, including office chairs, computer speakers, and more.

When is Black Friday 2023?

The Friday after Thanksgiving, the major shopping holiday falls on Friday, November 24th this year. However, deals at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and more are already in full swing.

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