Get an Xbox Series X and Diablo 4 for $450 today

Black Friday is just a couple of days away, but the deals have already started in earnest, especially where gaming is concerned – with loads of savings to pick from on new consoles and hardware.

If you’ve been thinking about making a marquee purchase, whether it’s a PS5, Xbox Series X or just an accessory, now’s a great time to check out what deals you might be able to find. We’ve made that easier for you, by gathering the very best right here in one place.

Latest Black Friday gaming deals

If you don’t have time to check out the full list of deals that we’ve collected below, we’ve picked out the most recent and exciting additions right here to save you time.

Best PS5 Black Friday deals

Sony’s PlayStation 5 just got crowned as our gaming hardware product of the year for 2023, so it’s an amazing time to pick one up – and there’s a new slim version to get, too.

Sony PlayStation 5 Slim

$499 $560 Save $61

This bundles the new version of Sony’s console with the simply superb Spider-Man 2, a brand-new release that you get at no extra cost, making this a great way to jump into the world of PS5 gaming.

PS5 Slim modern warfare 3 bundle

Sony PlayStation 5 Slim

If you prefer shooting to superhero action, then you can get the exact same price for the newer PS5 console bundled with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, again the latest release making for a really good saving.

Best Xbox Black Friday deals

If you’re more of an Xbox gamer, there’s already a choice saving that you can grab on the Xbox Series X, as you’ll see below.

xbox series x + diablo iv

Microsoft / Pocket-Lint

Xbox Series X Diablo 4 Bundle

$450 $560 Save $110

If you’re into Diablo then Diablo 4 is a treat – and it’s also really new, so it’s a brilliant game to get bundled in with an Xbox Series X at more than $100 in total savings.



Microsoft Xbox Series X

$449 $499 Save $50

There’s also a simple $50 saving on the Xbox Series X at a few places now, so if you’ve been waiting for a discount without the bonus Diablo freebie, Black Friday has delivered.

Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals

The Switch is a brilliant console, and with three different versions to pick from we’re sure to see some great deals this Black Friday. For now, it’s the Switch Lite that has the pick of the bunch.

Nintendo Switch Lite animal crossing new horizons bundle

Nintendo Switch Lite – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bundle

$199 $260 Save $61

This is a brand-new bundle for Black Friday from Nintendo – New Horizons is such a brilliantly zen game, endlessly calming and soothing, so to get it completely free alongside the excellent Switch Lite is a real treat.

Nintendo Switch OLED Version

Nintendo / Pocket-lint

Nintendo Switch OLED

The Switch OLED is the best version of the Nintendo Switch – and this deal from Dell (of all places) gives you a $75 gift card at no extra cost, so it’s a great option if you need some other computing bits.

Switch OLED Smash Bros bundle

Nintendo Switch OLED

$350 $417 Save $67

If you’d rather get a gaming bonus with your Switch OLED, this bundle throws in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at no extra cost, along with three months of Nintendo Switch Online, a great bargain.

Best gaming accessory Black Friday deals

Of course, it’s not all consoles – there are plenty of deals to be had on accessories like headsets, extra controllers or much more.



SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7

$143 $180 Save $37

A simply fantastic headset for PlayStation or PC gamers, this is one of our favourites ever, and it’s got a tidy discount ahead of Black Friday already.

Sony Dualsense

PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller

$49 $75 Save $26

If you need a new controller to go with your PS5, or just want an extra to swap to when the battery runs out, you can currently get a very welcome discount on a range of colors.

PowerA enhanced wireless controller for Switch

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

$42 $60 Save $18

A great alternative to Nintendo’s own wireless controller, PowerA’s offering is really sturdy and reliable, and thanks to this nice deal it’s also a good chunk cheaper.



Meta Quest 2

$250 $300 Save $50

The 128GB Meta Quest 2 deal from Amazon comes with a $50 Amazon Gift Card, so this deal is a double win for those wanting a VR headset.



Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals

$280 $400 Save $120

There’s 30% off the Logitech G923 racing wheel, bringing it down to its lowest price. There are discounts on both the PS5 and Xbox versions – and both work with PC too.

Which console should I buy?

If you’re not yet sure of which console you actually want, there’s plenty of deliberation to do. For us, the PS5 is the top choice right now with the combination of future-proof power and a roster of existing games that are simply fantastic.

However, thanks to Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox Series X or Series S are both really attractive too, with many of the same cross-platform games and a really easy way to access a big library at a low monthly cost.

Xbox Series X Review 4

Of course, there’s always the Switch, too – a brilliant family console that is now coming toward the end of its life cycle, but still has a huge roster of amazing exclusive games to offer.

So, the truth is any of these would be a great buy, and there’s no wrong answer if you see a good deal.

Should I buy a console on Black Friday?

That brings us to the question of the deals we’re seeing, of course. We always get some console deals on Black Friday, but it’s quite rare to see more than around $50 off a console.

We might get a repeat of last year’s stunning $200 Xbox Series S if we’re lucky, and the older Switch versions could also see some steep discounts but don’t hold your breath for a sub-$400 Xbox Series X or PS5, is all we can say.

Still, any sort of discount is worth grabbing if you’re waiting to buy a console this year, so it’s definitely still a very sensible time to buy.

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