Get $200 off a Fenix 7 Pro before Black Friday

Garmin is an old-hand in the smartwatch game, with a range of watches that cover everyone from people looking for a stylish step-tracker to pro athletes tracking their next triathlon. Because of that, Garmin watches can range wildly in price and features, in some cases easily undercutting competition like the Apple Series 9, and in others, costing a few hundred more than the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

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Luckily, Pocket-lint is well-read in all things GPS-enabled, multisports smartwatch, and knows which of Garmin’s expansive line is worth investing in. With the holidays coming up, Garmin’s also running a sale with some meaningful discounts on our favorite watches, so if you or a family member is in the market for a new watch to motivate you out on the trail, there’s never been a better time to check out these deals.

Best Garmin Holiday Sale deals

Garmin’s discounts are specifically focused on watches that are built for exercise and outdoor activities. That means you won’t find the more stylish or casual options like the Garmin Lily or Vivoactive 5, but you will still get some highly durable, and useful smartwatches to choose from.

Garmin / Pocket-lint

Garmin Fenix 7 Pro

$700 $900 Save $200

The Fenix 7 Pro gets you the most features of Garmin’s smartwatches for the price. Besides health tracking features, that includes a handy built-in flashlight (no more reaching for your phone), solar charging for extra battery life, and Garmin’s mapping features.

A black smartwatch with all black watch face and bands.

Garmin / Pocket-lint

Garmin Epix Pro (2nd Gen)

$800 $1000 Save $200

The highlight of the second-generation Garmin Epix Pro is its AMOLED display, which makes viewing the watch a delight outside. The Epix Pro also has multi-band GPS for improved tracking in urban and heavily forested areas, Garmin’s Coach platform for running training, and Hill and Endurance scores to let you know if you have enough gas in the tank for hills or endurance training.

A round smartwatch with an off-white body and band.

Garmin / Pocket-lint

Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar

$500 $600 Save $100

The Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar is designed for active runners first and foremost, with HRV Status for monitoring heart rate variability, Training Readiness, a method for calculating your capacity to exercise after a period of recovering, and Garmin’s already capable workout tracking and GPS navigation system.

A black and gray watch with a monochrome screen and black bands.

Garmin / Pocket-lint

Garmin Instinct 2 Solar

$300 $400 Save $100

The Garmin Instinct 2 Solar is a solid option for anyone looking for a rugged GPS-enabled watch to track a hike or trail run. Unlike other watches on this list, the Instinct 2 uses a monochrome display, but what matters here is the data it can track (movement, distance, temperature, etc.) and the solar charging that allows for its 28 days or longer battery life.

A green square smartwatch with a simple display.

Garmin / Pocket-lint

Garmin Bounce

$140 $150 Save $10

It’s up to the individual parent whether their kid should have a smartwatch, but the Garmin Bounce is an affordable option worth considering. It has real-time location tracking, two-way text and voice messaging, and a fun series of game-ified health features that make being active outside even more fun.

A round, black and silver smartwatch with a blue band.

Garmin / Pocket-lint

Garmin Quatix 7

$400 $600 Save $200

If you’re specifically interested in diving and other aquatic activities, the Garmin Quatix 7 is also on a serious discount. It gives you wrist-mounted access to nautical charts, the ability to remotely control your boat on a dive, and the usual mix of workout tracking and recovery metrics to track your surf and get you prepared for your next one.

What’s the Garmin watch Holiday Sale deal?

Each on sale for $200 off, the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro or the Garmin Epix Pro Gen 2 are the best deals Garmin is offering during its Holiday Sale. In terms of features, they’re pretty close to being the same, including the built-in flashlight, multiple case sizes, and all the health and exercise tracking features of Garmin’s outdoor watches (various workout types, hydration tracking, altitude, recovery scores, the list goes on). The biggest differences with the Epix Pro are the bright and colorful AMOLED display, which could be worth the upgrade for some, and the Epix’s slightly lower battery life of six days with the always-on screen on.

Why buy a Garmin watch over an Apple Watch?

It’s always going to be a matter of taste, but in terms of variety alone, Garmin’s watches are worth looking at. The release of the Apple Watch Ultra brought what Apple’s able to offer in terms of maps, multi-band GPS, and extreme sports tracking, but you’ll pay $800 for those privileges which you can get for much cheaper on a Garmin watch.

Garmin also has more types and finishes of watches, some that are more rugged and better outdoors, others that look far more like a traditional mechanical watch than any Apple Watch ever will. Garmin also has features that would never fly on an Apple’s device, like solar charging. The bigger difference, and the one outside whether you’re a serious outdoors person or athlete to consider, is the philosophical difference between the two companies.

Apple views and largely treats the Apple Watch like a tiny computer. It has an App Store, access to similar kinds of information as your phone, and even lets you complete simple tasks like deleting emails or managing reminders. Garmin’s watches are fitness trackers, GPS navigators, and plain old watches first and foremost. They can view your notifications, and run apps, but they’re mainly tools for helping you get outside, not all the things an Apple Watch can do. So choose Garmin if you’re serious about exercise, but also choose them if you’re looking to avoid adding another computer to the daily list of things you carry around.

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