Dyson fans are worth buying because of this one amazing feature

Dyson fans are known for one thing – being really expensive. You can pick up another brand of air blower for much less, so why is there so much excitement around Dyson? Sure, design has a massive part to play, because this isn’t just a spinning blade rattling around behind a cage, the Dyson fan is a thing of beauty, with no moving parts.

Well that’s not entirely true…

There’s a lot happening in a Dyson fan. The pedestal is where the action happens, as it’s here that Dyson’s vortex is spinning up the air to force through air channels in the top section of the fan, firing out in a concentrated blast, while pulling air through the centre of the fan with it. That’s all very clever – basically the reverse of what happens in a Dyson vacuum cleaner – but that’s not the reason why I’d by a Dyson fan.

You have filtration in that base – a HEPA filter to clear out microscopic particles like pollen – while some models will blow hot air, or offer to increase the humidity of the air in the room you’re in thanks to a water tank. It’s all part of a sophisticated air management system. But that’s not the reason I’d buy a Dyson fan.

There’s something else, and it’s a lot smarter than all the above. It’s the connectivity that Dyson offers. The more advanced Dyson fans offer app control and this is where they become a lot more useful. As soon as a device is connected, you can do a whole lot more with it within your smart home. That’s great if you’re worried about air quality and you want to run the Dyson to filter the air through its HEPA filter, but even that’s not it.

No, it’s the fine control through the MyDyson app. Once you have connected the app to your Dyson, you’ll be able to control everything it does from your phone. That means you don’t need to use that perfectly-sleek remote control it comes with (and you’ve probably lost). That means you can change the fan speed on your phone, or the temperature if you’re using it for heating. But it’s really the directional control that is most exciting.

Because when it’s a hot day, there’s nothing worse than having your fan pointing in the wrong direction. The last thing you want to do is get up and walk across the room to adjust the fan. With a connected Dyson fan, you can open the app and use that to point the fan right at you. The app will cleverly figure out which way it is pointing and then using the app you can drag it around to point in the direction you want it.

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It’s expensive, but there’s a lot packed into this Dyson model.

Dyson fans are admittedly expensive. They are an aspirational buy for most homes. But they are so much more than just spinning blades in a cage. With a range of options open to you when it comes to choosing a Dyson fan, my advice is to check the specs carefully and pick the model that does exactly what you need.

And for me, it’s not just about a blast of cooling air, it’s about remote control from my phone.

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