Best Black Friday TV deals

Black Friday is now only a few days away, so if you’re looking to buy a new 4K TV for the holiday season, it’s a great time to focus your search and save yourself some money.

Read more: Best 4K TV: The very best Ultra HD TVs you can buyPricier items like TVs often come with great discounts, whether you’re considering one of the best OLED TVs or are looking for something a little more affordable. It’s also always worth keeping your eye out for last year’s products, which may be on the receiving end of great deals now newer products are available. In many cases, only small improvements have been made, making them a great choice at an even better price.

Latest TV Black Friday deals

I’m scanning the Black Friday deals that are available on great TVs regularly, and updating this hub with all the best. The latest and greatest are below, sorted by brand and with the biggest savings first.

Best Samsung TV Black Friday deals


Samsung FRAME QLED LS03 Series

$798 $998 Save $200

Samsung’s The Frame is a unique TV for those who don’t want a black box in the middle of their room when their TV is off. When wall mounted and not playing your favourite shows, The Frame looks just like a piece of art, with a matte display and choice of artwork to display, along with special wooden frames as bezels to enhance the look. Very cool indeed – and now at great prices across all screen sizes.

Samsung S90C


Samsung S90C

$1600 $2100 Save $500

The Samsung S90C is another entry-level OLED for 2023, squaring up with the LG C3 and the Sony A80L and coming out swinging – particularly at this price. Samsung’s colour handling is one of its strengths, while a new filter helps it to deflect reflections for a better black level in ambient light, too. Gamers won’t be disappointed either – all four HDMIs are 4K/144Hz capable.

Samsung QN900C


Samsung QN900C

$3298 $3988 Save $690

Samsung’s QN900C is the company’s flagship 8K TV, and what a TV it is. In our review, we praised its picture quality and image processing, with a stunning HDR performance and deeply saturated colours. Great sound with Dolby Atmos, fantastic gaming features, and a comprehensive smart system round out a telly that should future-proof you for years to come.

Samsung 43-inch Class QLED 4K Q60C Series.jpeg


Samsung Q60C

$600 $750 Save $150

As the entry-level set in Samsung’s 4K QLED lineup, the Q60C offers a 60Hz panel, Dual LED edge backlighting and Samsung’s Air Slim design. It uses the Quantum Processor Lite 4K, which might not be quite as sophisticated as higher up the Samsung TV range. However, you can still expect gloriously punchy colours, a sharp 4K resolution with HDR10+ support and a fantastic smart TV system.

Best LG TV Black Friday deals




$897 $1197 Save $300

The LG C3 is the latest model in the company’s extremely popular C Series OLED line, offering incredible blacks, bold, punchy colours and outstanding contrast. It doesn’t offer the brighter, next-generation panel of the LG G3, but it still produces beautifully refined images that are gorgeous to watch – and for smaller rooms, this 42-inch version is under $900. It won’t last long.

Samsung S90C



$550 $1300 Save $750

The LG A2 was last year’s entry-level OLED for LG – it’s not a TV we have an equivalent of in 2023. It might make some compromises compared with its better-specced siblings, such as a 60Hz frame rate and a slightly older processor. However, it still offers all there is to love about OLED, with incredible contrast and pin-sharp detail, along with support for Dolby Vision IQ, and Filmmaker Mode. At this Black Friday price, it is well worth a look.

LG G3 white

LG / Pocket-lint

LG G3 OLED evo

$2289 $2697 Save $408

The LG G3 is part of a new generation of OLED TVs that use Micro Lens Array technology, which helps them hit levels of brightness we haven’t been used to seeing. Not only that, but we note in our review that it also delivers wildly better colours without doing any damage whatsoever to OLED’s traditional strengths – just note that it requires wall mounting as there’s no stand in the box.

Best Sony TV Black Friday deals

Sony X90L square


Sony X90L

$898 $1098 Save $200

This is Sony’s best full-array LED TV for 2023, which means it’ll be capable of a bright and accurate picture with a strong contrast performance. In fact, Sony says brightness is up 30 per cent compared to last year’s X90K, thanks to more dimming zones, not to mention the improved Cognitive Processor XR. It even gets a little bump up in build quality too. It the sweet spot in this year’s range for performance and price – and it’s now at a better price than ever.

Sony A80L


Sony A80L

$1398 $1900 Save $502

Sony’s A80L is the company’s entry-level OLED for 2023 – but don’t let that fool you into thinking you’re getting entry-level performance. Sony is renowned for its picture processing, and the Cognitive Processor XR keeps that reputation going. Expect detailed, insightful pictures, top-notch motion processing and great upscaling alongside all the usual OLED brilliance.

More great Black Friday TV deals

fire tv omni series

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

$390 $550 Save $160

Amazon’s Fire TV Omni is the flagship TV in the company’s own-brand of smart TVs, and boasts several premium specs compared to its more budget stablemates. That means you can expect punchy colours on its QLED panel, full-array local dimming, support for Dolby Vision IQ, and HDR10+ Adaptive support and a great quality picture. A superb buy for those that want great performance at an incredible price – this 65-inch version is a steal.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series


Amazon Fire TV 4-Series

$290 $450 Save $160

Amazon’s Fire TV 4-Series is a great option for those on a budget, offering up 4K HDR picture with support for HDR10 and HLG, and all the smarts of Fire TV built in. For a 50-inch TV, this is an incredible deal, saving 36% on the list price for Black Friday.

Why you can trust Pocket-lint to find the best TV Black Friday deals

I’ve been reviewing TVs for years, so I know the models worth buying when I’m searching for Black Friday deals. I also know when something truly is a deal – I’m not just looking blindly at price drops but also considering whether the discount is new and worthwhile, and whether the product is a good one. Where possible, I’ll always look out for deals on our favourite TVs, tested in full in our in-depth reviews, so you can buy with confidence.

What size TV do I need?

If you’d have asked this questions a few years ago I’d have been giving you a small equation to work out the size of TV you should buy based on your seating position. However, with the quality and pixel density of 4K and 8K TVs now, that is less important and it’s more about how big your room is and what you size TV you can fit into your space. In the US, the most popular size is often 65in, though interest in 75in is growing and 55in remains popular too – particularly in Europe.

To decide, measure up your space and remember that TV screen measurements are made diagonally across when deciding which one will fit. If you have the budget, you will never regret going big – however, don’t just aim for screen size above all else. Look at the TV specs and features as well, to ensure the performance and picture quality will be worth viewing on a bigger screen.

Also consider your furniture – many big-screen TVs have wide feet, so you will need to ensure you have the furniture to hold it too.

Is the Samsung Frame TV worth it?

Samsung’s The Frame is a great television for those who want a TV that doesn’t look like a TV. Generally at its best when wall mounted, The Frame would fool you into thinking it was a picture frame on the wall when it isn’t on, with its matte display and large choice of artwork that comes built-in.

However, as it uses a QLED panel, it isn’t the cutting edge of Samsung’s TV tech – that’s reserved for the QD-OLED and Mini LED choices in its lineup, like the S95C or the QN90C. That means if you want the very best of Samsung’s TVs, then you might want to consider looking elsewhere. But for a good balance of aesthetics, features and performance – or simply a talking point with friends – The Frame remains a very popular choice.

What TV should I get for a home theater?

You have a few different choices, and as always, budget will help to narrow down your options. If your budget is on the more generous side, you could consider an OLED or Mini LED TV, often which come at premium prices – though brands like Hisense and TCL are offering some compelling options in the latter for much less money than some of the more established brands.

You can read our guide on some of the differences between the TV tech out there right now, but if you have a very bright room, you may be better off considering a Mini LED or LCD TV. These will generally go brighter than traditional OLED TVs do to tackle reflections, though some steps forward at the flagship level have made OLED a choice here, too – if your budget will stretch.

For the very best contrast performance, OLED still can’t be beaten, although Mini LED is now coming close thanks to increased dimming zones leading to more accurate backlight handling.

As for 4K vs 8K (you really shouldn’t be considering 1080p for anything other than small second or third TVs), I’d still overall say your money is best spent on a great 4K TV due to the lack of native 8K content. However, if you have the budget, the upscaling on these TVs is impressive, and you’ll also have future-proofing for when 8K trials begin more extensively.

Should I buy a TV at a discount on Black Friday or wait until Cyber Monday?

Generally, many of the deals you see on Black Friday will be the same on Cyber Monday – however, if a TV sells out, as we have seen happen before, that will mean the deal finishes early. This often happens with OLED TVs, as they are often in high demand over the sales period. For that reason, I would always recommend getting in early and snagging a deal while it’s there. Occasionally, we may see a new deal crop up for Cyber Monday specifically, but it’s rare.

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Of course, you can track historical pricing using sites like CamelCamelCamel to ensure the deal is a good one, and then always wait it out if not. However, companies are likely to be throwing their best prices on the best products early to secure sales. If you see a deal for a product you want, and it’s within your budget, add it to your cart – you’re unlikely to find better for some time.

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