Avoid international roaming charges with Textr’s travel eSIM

International roaming might be the two scariest words when it comes to mobile data. Roaming charges conjure up images of outrageous phone bills and long, frustrating calls to your mobile phone provider. But when you’re travelling, turning off your data full stop isn’t really an option. Whether you’re travelling for work and need to be in constant contact with your office or you’re on vacation and will be navigating new cities or posting updates to social media, chances are you’ll need frequent connection to the internet. If you’ve ever purchased a prepaid data plan from your current provider, you’ll know that they can be costly. So, what’s a traveller to do?

Connecting to the internet without international roaming charges

If your travel plan is to turn off your data and stick to public Wi-Fi, you might find yourself switching on your roaming data if you’re in a pinch. Hopping from free Wi-Fi to free Wi-Fi isn’t a reliable method of connecting to the internet while abroad. Plus, public Wi-Fi is generally slow and can open you up to security risks. When you really need a connection immediately, turning on your roaming for even a quick map search can end up costing you dearly.

Waiting until you arrive at your destination to buy a physical SIM card used to be a popular solution, but installation can be finicky and rarely comes with any support. If you find yourself scrambling to locate a store with physical SIM cards, you could end up turning on your data and spending more than a SIM card would have cost you in the first place.

When it comes to international roaming, just say no. Instead, say hello to the travel eSIM from Textr.

How a travel eSIM can save you money

Everyone with a smartphone has a SIM card. A SIM is that little card inside your device that has grown increasingly smaller over the years – and now they’ve gone completely digital. Embedded SIM cards, or eSIMs, can be added digitally to your device, giving you the ability to connect to a different network provider without swapping out any physical cards. You don’t need to call your service provider or visit a physical store to purchase and install an eSIM – everything is done online, directly on your device.

Travel eSIMs can be activated for short or extended periods of time, negating the need for international roaming, and instead connecting you to strong and reliable local networks. It’s like a temporary local data plan without having to call your service provider or install any new hardware in your device.

Textr eSIM is a trusted travel eSIM provider that can hook you up with high-speed internet access and multiple types of data plans at reasonable price points for all your travel needs in myriad destinations around the world.

Textr eSIM has region-specific travel eSIMs

Depending on where you’re headed, Textr eSIM has a package that can accommodate your needs. You can search by country or region to find your destination, including discounts on popular locations such as the US, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan.

The popular regional Europe data package offers high-quality network coverage throughout 31 countries, letting you move all over the continent with worry-free seamless internet connection. Once your plan is activated, the Textr travel eSIM automatically connects you to the local network at your destination without any effort or changes to your settings.

If you’re planning a trip to Japan – another mega-popular destination – Textr eSIM offers a variety of packages, including unlimited data packages ranging from three days to 12 days.

Textr eSIM compatibility

Before selecting a plan, it’s important to verify that your device is compatible with an eSIM. Most newer devices are eSIM-compatible, however some – such as devices sold in mainland China – are not. It’s always best to check before you commit to a data package.

Textr has a free eSIM-compatible phone checker, where you can simply type in the type of device you’ll be using abroad – whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop – and you can instantly see if it will work with a Textr travel eSIM.

Installing and enjoying your travel eSIM data package

After purchasing a data package, Textr eSIM has easy-to-follow installation videos for iPhones and Androids, plus online resources if you require extra help. Once you install your Textr eSIM, the support doesn’t stop there – technicians are available to help you at any time. You can keep tabs on your data consumption, receive an in-app notification when you’re approaching your limit, and if necessary, easily top up your data while you’re on the go.

Textr also offers free online tools such as an AI travel planner, a travel data calculator, VOIP speed tests, online faxing, text-to-speech, Unicode checker, and more.

Once your Textr travel eSIM is installed on your phone, you can manage multiple eSIMs in a single account. If you’re travelling with a group or you’re a business traveller with multiple devices, you’ll love this convenient feature.

Avoid international roaming charges on your next trip by finding the Textr travel eSIM that suits your needs.

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