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Home & Kitchen

Easy Crab Cakes – Spend With Pennies

Dig in; it’s crab cake time!Perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or jazzing up your next ...
Health & Fitness

HIIT Rowing Workouts for Fat Loss, Conditioning, and Beginners

Steady-state cardio — plodding along at a consistent pace for the duration of a session — ...
Latest Posts

The Star Beast reminds us that money isn’t everything

The following discusses spoilers for “The Star Beast” and references transphobia.If ...
Latest Posts

Voice-controlled AI copilots could lead to safer flights

Siri and Alexa were only the beginning. As voice recognition and speech synthesis ...
Latest Posts

Yi Design’s Water-Permeable Bricks Tackle Ceramic Waste For Flood Prevention

Yi Design, a Chinese materials company established by curator and ...
Latest Posts

Believer’s Director on the Horror Trilogy’s Future

The reviews for The Exorcist: Believer haven’t been kind, with far less goodwill being ...
Latest Posts

Gavin Newsom Wants a Former Labor Leader Turned Tech Lobbyist to Replace Feinstein

The death of Dianne Feinstein, one of America’s longest serving, most trailblazing female ...
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Marvel Series Kicks Off Marvel Spotlight TV Banner

Image: Marvel StudiosJust a few days ago, Marvel Studios revealed the first footage its ...


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